ICSR Lab: Application Submission Portal

ICSR Lab is a computational environment that allows access to certain scientometric metadata datasets from Elsevier, as well as other datasets for quantitative, scholarly research purposes. You can use this site to apply for access.

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The process to access ICSR Lab is:

  1. Review our website for a description of the application process and terms of use.
  2. Log in to the application submission portal by using the application form. You will be prompted to make an account and confirm your email address if you have not logged in before.
  3. Use the “Submit proposal” link to open the application form and fill in details about:
    1. The participants in the project.
    2. Proposed research abstract, including background, methodology and proposed outcomes.
    3. Previous studies you have conducted on the topic/familiarity with the technologies.
  4. We will review your application against our criteria and conduct a peer review with members of the ICSR Advisory Board. You can see the status of your application or (if relevant) make any changes or clarifications by logging into this portal.
  5. If you are successful, you will receive notification via email with an invitation to sign our terms of use, then gain access to the system with an invitation to a personal onboarding session via videocall.

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